This is a new mission in the Samhain 2013 event. It's a side mission started next to Moose in Kingsmouth Town. This mission awards you with Moose's spooky story which is one of the 10 stories needed to complete the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island mission.


Moose has decided to help Danny by writing up a story of his own. Read the story, then attempt to verify its authenticity. 

Reward: 74,800 XP, Moose's spooky story, 10,000 Pax Romana, Sack of Penny Dreadfuls


Tier 1Edit

Start at Moose (166/200) and take the mission. Then simply follow the quest marker to Blue Mountain, then run after the ghost. She will lead you to a car wreck where you have to defeat her murderers. This is also where Lore #11 is located.

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