Rafferty's FPS changesEdit

Basic OptionsEdit

To improve frame rateEdit

  • Install dev Glaucon's fix
  • Disable all nametags and damage numbers in interface options.
  • Under the Combat tab in chat, disable all 'Vicinity' combat logs. You can leave the personal ones alone.
  • Go into advanced video options and set everything to 0 (low settings will only set this to 1).
  • Under your Audio options, select Troubleshooting. Click 'Disable Sound'.

To put everything back to normalEdit

  • Re-enable your choices of nametags and damage numbers in interface options.
  • Under the Combat tab in chat, enable whichever 'Vicinity' combat logs you want.
  • Go into video options and set to whichever of the default settings your machine can handle (eg low, medium, high, ultra).
  • Under your Audio options, reenable sound.

Advanced OptionsEdit

WARNING: Using these can and will seriously (but reversibly) affect how you see things! If you don't like the result, turn them off again.

To improve frame rateEdit

  • setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 4
  • setoption RenderSetting_EnableGrass false
  • setoption RenderSettings_RemoveFoliageAroundCharacter true
  • setoption RenderSetting_HighQualityNPCRange 0
  • setoption RenderSetting_ViewDistance 25
  • setoption RenderSetting_AnimationLODRange 0
  • optioneinstellen SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 4
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_EnableGrass false
  • optioneinstellen RenderSettings_RemoveFoliageAroundCharacter true
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_HighQualityNPCRange 0
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_ViewDistance 25
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_AnimationLODRange 0
  • régleroption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 4
  • régleroption RenderSetting_EnableGrass false
  • régleroption RenderSettings_RemoveFoliageAroundCharacter true
  • régleroption RenderSetting_HighQualityNPCRange 0
  • régleroption RenderSetting_ViewDistance 25
  • régleroption RenderSetting_AnimationLODRange 0

To put everything back to normal:Edit

  • setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 0
  • setoption RenderSetting_EnableGrass true
  • setoption RenderSettings_RemoveFoliageAroundCharacter false
  • setoption RenderSetting_HighQualityNPCRange 10
  • setoption RenderSetting_ViewDistance 0
  • setoption RenderSetting_AnimationLODRange 60
  • optioneinstellen SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 0
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_EnableGrass true
  • optioneinstellen RenderSettings_RemoveFoliageAroundCharacter false
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_HighQualityNPCRange 10
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_ViewDistance 0
  • optioneinstellen RenderSetting_AnimationLODRange 60
  • régleroption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 0
  • régleroption RenderSetting_EnableGrass true
  • régleroption RenderSettings_RemoveFoliageAroundCharacter false
  • régleroption RenderSetting_HighQualityNPCRange 10
  • régleroption RenderSetting_ViewDistance 0
  • régleroption RenderSetting_AnimationLODRange 60

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