Die Flüsternde Flut ist ein andauerndes Event, dass derzeit primär in Argatha statt findet. Es begann am 21. September 2013.


The Filth is pouring. Pouring into the pristine Agartha and threatening the world tree itself. The struggle against the rising darkness has entered a new phase.  The subtle balance of the world seems to be shifting. The latest actions in Issue #7: A Dream to Kill have set devastating events in motion, and the motion is creating a tidal wave of Filth.

Players must now take up the fight against this tide of Filth emanating from Tokyo’s Agartha portal.

The battle will rage until the Filth has been beaten back and access to Tokyo has been won. But any chance of victory is still far off and only by pulling together the players will be able to stem this tide of darkness.

Today they can see the effects of the Filth as a new Agartha portal gets infected. Before the players can battle the Filth creatures within this portal many resources must be gathered by the community and put to the right use. Only then will a brand new area of Agartha open up and what lies beyond can be explored.

This is still only the beginning of a long string of events which will run until access to Tokyo has been achieved! The events will escalate as the battle between the players and the Filth grows more and more ferocious.

The more each player contributes to the struggle the more they will be rewarded and the more success the community will have.

More and more rewards will become available as the events progress, and they will include many unique treasures, such as clothing, outfits, powerful gear and a pet!

So get out there people, show the Filth what The Secret World’s community is made of!


Es gibt acht Wissensstücke einzusammeln. Bitte konsultiere Fundorte des Wissens


Mehr Missionen werden mit der Zeit hinzugefügt werden, da das Event derzeit noch nicht abgeschlossen ist

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